Vision and Mission


Our vision is to create a practical and realistic environment rather than a decorative one, for every child to become an independent learner and add value as a productive member of society.


Karachi Preschool aspires to bring peace and clarity, power of thought and communication and with the knowledge they shall acquire and then turn it into lifelong skills through age-appropriate experiences in an interactive, innovative and stimulating environment.

An Educational Philosophy:

Children have the potential for great development. They have multiple ways to express themselves and in order to do so, they need an inspirational teacher.

We believe in the philosophy and pedagogy that children learn the best through play. Our focus is on the importance of opportunities for children to build their knowledge and acquire skills through exploration, interaction with materials and imitation of positive role models.

Teachers should be facilitators, motivating, prodding, and making children think and enact real-life situations.

The arranged learning stations/materials to enhance their learning with the tools in different areas of the EYES curriculum. It is ultimately what every parent desires for their child’s growth and development.

Our curriculum has been designed to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience for your child.

In EYFS the three main focuses are


  • A unique child
  • Positive relationships
  • Enabling environment


To take care of children, and their basic and extended needs with the help of competent, hardworking and compassionate teaching and helping staff in real situations in a nurturing environment involving them in day-to-day life activities.


The world has completely changed in the last 2.5 years due to covid. Our goal is to prepare children to be ready to take the challenges head-on in case such a situation arises again.

We wish to take responsibility and provide care and learning as never before.

We have found and added many advantages to our programs, which have an overall positive effect on the quality of learning.

Our primary focus would be independent learning.

Teachers and Staff:

At Karachi Preschool our teachers are warm and loving. They foster a sense of belonging in children. They are sensitive and responsive to the child’s needs, feelings and interests. Our teachers are supportive of the child’s own efforts and independence. They are consistent in setting clear boundaries.  Our teachers build on key principles in the early years settings.

“We believe in deeds, not words.”